Here’s a list of some of our most common questions.

Can I use different weight classes or age criteria for a member club?

Absolutely.  Member clubs can host odd year, league, conference, use different weight classes, etc.  Qualifying Tournaments must use the age divisions and weight classes established by the WVYWA. 

How do I become a member club?

Complete Appendix J and mail the same with the membership fee to 

West Virginia Youth Wrestling Association

P.O. Box 427

Kingwood, WV 26537

How do I establish base weight?

Wrestle at one of the base weight tournaments published each year by November 1 on this website.  This is the lowest weight that a wrestler can enter at Regionals and at the WVYWA State Championships; however, a wrestler can always wrestle a weight class at or above the base weight class. Remember, a wrestler competing in the Middle School Division does not have to wrestle at a base weight tournament.  A wrestler competing in the Middle School Division has his/her weight managed by WVSSAC Rules during the middle school season and, as such, enters the Regional tournament at the wrestler’s desired weight class. 

How do I change my base weight?

Yes.  Wrestle at another base weight tournament and establish a new base weight.  

How do I host a Base Weight Tournament?

Contact your Region Chair.  Base Weight tournaments are selected during the Summer and Fall Meetings each year and published by November 1 of each season.  Base Weight Tournaments are required to utilize trackwrestling. 

How do I submit results?

Email a PDF copy of results to wvywacontact@gmail.com.  The WVYWA also asks that all results be emailed to www.wvmat.com at tmiller@mountain.net. 

How do I obtain Proof of Insurance?

Member clubs can request a copy though email at wvywacontact@gmail.com and one will be provided to you.   This may take a couple of days depending on when the insurance company provides a copy.  If you need a particular school listed on the declarations page, you will need to provie the name of the school and street address. 

How do I propose a rule change?

Email proposed rule changes to your Region Chair or to the WVYWA at wvywacontact@gmail.com. 

The WVYWA is establishing a Rules Committee to review and recommend changes to the WVYWA Rules. The WVYWA is looking for one person from each region. This group of six would review the Rules, recommend any proposed changes and assist with drafting revisions as necessary. The BOD hopes that this would be a standing committee that would review the Rules and recommend changes as necessary going forward. Anyone wishing to volunteer for this committee, please email bturner@wvlawyers.com. Final selections from volunteers will be selected by the BOD.

How do I post a tournament my club is hosting?

Email a PDF of your entry form to tmiller@mountain.net to publish it on www.wvmat.com. 

In an effort to avoid unintended scheduling conflicts and to allow member clubs to work out any conflicts that may arise, the WVYWA requests that all member clubs post their tournament entry forms by  October 1 of each year. 

How do I register my wrestler for the Top 100?

Coming Soon. 


How do I know if my wrestlers received an at large bid the to the WVYWA State Championships? 

After the Regional Tournaments, the WVYWA gathers the placewinners for each age division, weight class, and Region.  The Regional Champs are seeded based upon various criteria such as head to head, overall record, past performance, etc. This is completed by Wednesday night following Regional weekend.  The coach of any wrestler receiving an at large bid will be contacted by the Region Chair as soon as possible. 


Do  you have an idea how the WVYWA can be improved?

If you have an idea how the WVYWA can improve or how youth wrestling can be improved in West Virginia, we want to hear from you and we want to hear your idea!  Send suggestions, comments, ideas to wvywacontact@gmail.com.